FBI arrests Brooklyn judge’s son over Capitol riot Welcome To Brandonlegitblog
FBI arrests Brooklyn judge’s son over Capitol riot

FBI arrests Brooklyn judge’s son over Capitol riot

Aaron Mostofsky, 34 years of age, the son of a Brooklyn judge has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Tuesday morning, for his participation in the Capitol Hill riots of Wednesday, January 6.
His father, Shlomo Mostofsky, is a judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, and his brother Nachman is a senior Republican figure in the borough.

According to NBC News, Aaron Mostofsky, 34, who was clad in cloths made of furs during the riots, was arrested in the New York area.He is expected to make an initial appearance in Brooklyn federal court later Tuesday.

He faces four charges which includes felony, theft of government property, and unlawful entry, with penalties up to 10 years in prison.
There were many images of Aaron Mostofsky wearing elaborate furs, a police vest, and carrying a Capitol Police riot shield.
While the riots were still happening, Aaron Mostofsky interviewed with the NY Post, stating that he believed the election was stolen and he was exercising his rights.

The FBI, in a criminal complaint, said Mostofsky posted to social media accounts as far back as 2018 about wanting to protest or riot due to Republican election losses.

On Wednesday last week, thousands of Donald Trump’s supporters, fuelled by his baseless claims of voter fraud, bombarded the nation’s capital protesting the verification of Joe Biden’s victory by US Congress. Police had to evacuate Congress as the rioters flooded the building, while a worldwide outcry followed, with many calling it a coup.

No fewer than five persons have died from the events of that day.

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